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CreateProcess error 87 with bb-ant-tools | BlackBerry development

Posted Oktober 7th, 2010 in Blog by creative workline

We are using BlackBerry Ant Tools (bb-ant-tools) and Eclipse to compile and package apps for RIM BlackBerry. The bb-ant-tools are like a wrapper for the rapc command and allow for a nice integration in Ant build scripts. It took some time to have a more or less good running build environment – but in the end it somehow works.

Then one day „out of nowhere“ this error came up: „I/O Error: Cannot run program „javac“: CreateProcess error=87, Falscher Parameter“ (wrong parameter). But we haven’t changed anything in the development enviroment or build scripts!? The paramter „generatesourcelist“ is alread set to true in our case. You probably get another error if it set to false – assuming that you are working on Windows.

What did we do?
Well, we added some new Java classes and this broke the RIM’s rapc compiler. It seems to have a length restriction for the sum of input source file paths.

So what can you do as a workaround?

  • Set verbose=“true“ in the rapc task to get the full command line that is used. Beware, this might be reall long.
  • Set generatesourcelist=“true“ and look at the sources.txt to remove unused classes/resources.
  • Shorten the project path. If your path is
    try moving it to
    to see if it works.

I hope that this helps some of you out there struggling with the daily obstacles of mobile development.

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