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Relaunch of Tourality – Our Location Based (GPS) Game

Posted Dezember 20th, 2010 in Blog by creative workline

The last months and especially weeks we have been really busy with finalizing the release 1.0 of our multiplayer GPS game Tourality. Since last week it’s available in the Android Market and we already submitted it to the Noki Ovi Store and BlackBerry App World. That means we’re waiting for them tor review the app.

Tourality - Outdoor Multiplayer GPS Game

It’s not only that there’s a new app! We also re-designed the whole game platform for the web. It’s what we call the „myTourality“ area where you can create game sets, view highscores, check out user profiles, etc. Try it out by simply creating an account!

This release of our location-based game is not just a new version for the Android platform. On our mission to deliver the most action-packed urban game we added a bunch of „game changing“ features like goodie spots, gold, gadgets and automatic game set creation. Instead of describing this further we recommend experiencing the thrill of playing the fastest GPS game out there yourself!

We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback! If you cannot find the app in the Android market please contact us. There’s more to come within the next weeks and if you want to use the game for events or branded B2B/business versions please contact us as well.

BTW: Tourality can be played worldwide. Whether you are in the USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa, Russia, India, Saudia Arabia, Spain or Brazil doesn’t matter.

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