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Kleio Flashcards Windows App

Kleio Flashcards Windows App

Kleio Flashcards is a cloud and mobile-based learning platform for Windows Classic Desktop, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, and web.

Kleio has two main functions. It lets users securely store and organize all of their flashcards [lernkarten] in the cloud, much like Flickr does for photos. It also allows users to exchange their flashcards with each other, to find flashcards with a sophisticated search and tagging mechanism, and to collaboratively flag quality content with a voting system.

Kleio’s other main function is to let users actually study their flashcards. This is accomplished with the mobile and desktop apps, which sync with the cloud, work perfectly offline, and use a powerful spaced repetition study system, in addition to a simpler Cram [pauken] mode.

Kleio’s mobile apps are based on C# and Sqlite. On Windows desktop, Kleio uses native WPF, Silverlight on Windows Phone, and the new XAML-based UI system on Windows 8 mobile. The Android app also uses C#, with Mono for Android providing cross-platform compatibility.

Kleio’s cloud infrastructure is powered by Java and Google App Engine. The sync infrastructure is an efficient custom-built engine that sends compressed pre-generated deltas to the apps, thus ensuring speed and minimal bandwidth use for mobile devices. The cloud service also powers a web-based frontend based on JSPs and extensive use of AJAX techniques via jQuery and HandleBars.js.

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