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Peqas – Live Photo Sharing App

Peqas – Live Photo Sharing App

In spring 2015 we supported the Berlin based startup Peqas – Pend your Life ( with the realization of a first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a Live Photo Sharing app for iOS that has some similarities with Instagram.

Our services included:

  • App consulting
  • Support with working out and refining the app concept
  • App UX and wireframes / mockups
  • App design with the requirement of staying close to the iOS standard
  • Implementation of the native app for iOS with Swift, including the backend

The app is currently in closed beta and now being further developed by the startup itself. We would like to wish Dennis Pequas and his team a lot of success and are looking forward to “pending” and sharing a lot of moments with friends from our address book in the future!

Do you also want to bring to life a photo app or social community app with the support of a professional company specialized in app product development? Talk to us, we are looking forward to receiving your receiving your inquiry: “We love to make you Appy!

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